The Argyle Club, based in Alamo Heights located just outside San Antonio Texas is the Who’s-Who’s club of San Antonio.  The club is very exclusive and by invitation only. The Argyle has a very discerning membership and they were looking to step-up service at this well renown club.


The Board of Directors were in search for a club specialist that would provide an action plan to improve service at the club. Three Oaks was chosen to implement an operating plan.


After conducting focus groups and meeting with the Board of Directors, Three Oaks conducted an intense three-week training plan. Additionally, Three Oaks oversaw operations and helped place a General Manager that would continue with the plan provided by Three Oaks and approved by the club.


The program worked: The Argyle Club is on a wait list for new members and retention is at an all-time low.  Additionally, the club has expanded its services and is able to contribute millions of dollars to the Texas Biomedical Research Institute, a non-profit research center in San Antonio.