During the great recession of 2007-2009, the golf industry was hit as hard as any business in the U.S.  The PGA of America managed and owned a private club, PGA Golf Club in Port Saint Lucie, Florida and membership was doing extremely poor with attracting new members.


So, when it came time for the PGA Village in Port St. Lucie to evaluate its club program, which centered around four golf courses, executives at the community wanted an objective view of what would make business sense for the club and create value for members. They hired Boca Raton-based Three Oaks, a golf and country club membership sales & marketing company, to help it restructure their membership program.


After conducting focus groups to determine what members wanted, and talking with homeowner association presidents, real estate brokers and staff, it was clear to Padden that the membership structure for the club would have to completely change


The program worked: Three Oaks sold 211 golf memberships and 80 social memberships – exceeding its 12-month goal in the first four months. The new life continued with its momentum and today is thriving and considered a world class golf club.